The Bradenton Runners Club College Scholarship and Running Camp Aid Programs are supportive ways to invest in our local community. These are avenues to recognize, reward, and encourage our local student runners who pursue not only athletic, but academic goals.

The programs are funded through club operations, particularly proceeds from BRC’s two annual sponsored races: the De Soto Grand Parade 5K and the Manatee River Run 5 Miler. The BRC Board of Directors provides college tuition support and aid for summer running camps as a way to support our Manatee County student athletes. The college scholarships are open to Manatee County high school seniors in a cross country or track program who plan on pursuing further education at a college or university. Applications for summer running camp aid are open to any Manatee County high school or rising high school student. Applications are available online and are distributed to Manatee County coaches and athletic directors annually. Eligible students must complete the application, adhere to contained criteria, and submit their material by the stated deadline. The BRC Scholarship Committee reviews each application and makes recommendations for relevant action to the BRC Board. Final selections and determinations are made by the Board and applicants are notified.  Previous college scholarship recipients may apply for one renewal with current college information.



2016 ($4,100 Total Awarded)

*Sydney Britt – Manatee (Cam Jarvis Winner, $1,500)

*Dominic MacRae – Southeast ($1,000)

*Emma Fazio – Lakewood (Summer Running Camp, $250)

*Sarah Fazio – Lakewood (Summer Running Camp, $250)

*Matthew Lyons – Manatee (Summer Running Camp, $250)

*Raquel Lespazio – Manatee (Summer Running Camp, $250)

*Johann Bertram – Manatee (Summer Running Camp, $250)

*Ryan Boyce – Manatee (Summer Running Camp, $250)

*Abigail Lipton – Manatee (Summer Running Camp, $100)


2015 ($2,950 Total Awarded)

*George Dabbiero – Lakewood Ranch (Cam Jarvis Winner, $1,250)

*Hannah Decker – Palmetto ($1,000)

*Tia Borso – Southeast graduate, University of Central Florida student (Renewal, $500)

*Sydney Britt – Manatee (Summer Running Camp, $200)


2014 ($3,000 Total Awarded)

* Kristen Kubecka – Southeast (Cam Jarvis Winner)

* Michelle Last – Lakewood Ranch

* Tia Borso – (renewal)


2013 ($2,250 Total Awarded)

* Tia Borso – Southeast (Cam Jarvis Winner)

* Savannah Smith – Manatee

* Devin McDermott – (renewal)


2012 ($2,800 Total Awarded)

* Sarah Ecker – Manatee (Cam Jarvis Winner)

* Devin McDermott – Lakewood Ranch 


The Cam Jarvis Scholarship is our highest award of recognition, presented to top high school athletic applicants on the basis of attributes including character, dedication, performance, participation, leadership and passion.

Congratulations to ALL the award recipients on their well-deserved recognition !


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