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Racing Series Details

The Bradenton Runners Club Racing Series is an opportunity for members to compete with each other in a points-earned scoring system. Each year, a series of local races are hand-picked, ranging from 5Ks to half marathons. Throughout the year as races are held, runners who elect to participate in the series will score points based on their overall finishing place overall or in their age groups. Regardless of finishing position, each participant will receive points just for finishing. The better the finishing position, the more points are awarded. At the end of the year, points are accumulated and the person with the highest points wins the competition within the designated age group. Racing series winners are announced at the BRC Annual Awards Banquet held in February.

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2018 BRC Racing Series Lineup:

2018 BRC Racing Series Standings:

2018 Male BRC Racing Series Results

2018 Female BRC Racing Series Results

2017 BRC Racing Series Standings:

2017 Male BRC Racing Series Results

2017 Female BRC Racing Series Results

2016 BRC Racing Series Standings:

Male BRC Racing Series Results

Female BRC Racing Series Results

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2016 BRC Racing Series Results:

2016 Bradenton Area Half Marathon

2016 Canes Cross Country Classic 5K

2016 De Soto Grand Parade 5K

2016 Manatee Law Enforcement Torch Run 5K

2016 Shark’s Tooth 10K

2016 St. Stephen’s Falcon 5K River Run

2016 Suncoast Half Marathon

2016 Dolphin Dash 5K

2016 Racing Series Lineup:


How to enroll in the series. . .

Please note, the racing series requires each participant to opt-in! In other words, just being a member doesn’t automatically enroll you in the series. You must acknowledge your desire to compete in the series. Not yet a BRC member? CLICK HERE to sign up.

Opting-in can be done by checking the box “Yes, please track my results in the racing series” on your club membership profile. You can log in and update this at any time. If you have trouble with this step, please contact us at or message BRC on Facebook. If you participated in the series in 2015, you do not need to re-enroll for 2016 as you will automatically be included unless you opt out.
Step 1: Login to
Step 2: Click Profile
Step 3: Click My Club Memberships (hint scroll all the way down to the bottom)
Step 4: Click Update Questions tab
Step 5: Check the box “Yes, pleas track my results in the approved races as per Racing Series rules”
Step 6: Click Update responses

Racing Series Rules
  • Only BRC members in good standing will be awarded points.  You must be an active BRC member on race day to score points.  You may join the series at any point throughout the year but you will only earn points for races completed after enrollment.
  • Points are cumulative throughout the entire race series.
  • There is a three (3) race minimum.
  • You can enter as many of the races as you like, however, only your five (5) best races will be scored.
  • You will be scored in whichever age group you belong to on race day.
  • You will remain in whichever age group you belong to on 1/1/2016 for the entirety of the racing series competition, even if you move to a higher age group on your birthday.
  • No tie breakers. If there is a tie in the final standings, both winners will receive an award.
  • For adults, racing series includes 5-year age groups. Overall Winner, Masters, Grandmaster, Senior Grandmaster and Veteran Grandmaster will be pulled from the age groups and awarded separately.
  • Children are eligible and will be placed in the following age groups: 9 and under, 10-12, 13-15, 16-19.
  • Runners under 20 years old cannot win the Overall Award.
  • Awards will be announced at the Annual Awards Banquet in February 2017.
  • Scoring Points:
    Overall male/female 10 points
    Master, Grandmaster, Senior Grandmaster, Veteran Grandmaster male/female 8 points
    1st in Age Group 6 points
    2nd in Age Group 4 points
    3rd in Age Group 3 points
    Finish any position 2 points