Bradenton Runners Club

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Gene Fergione

Did you run track or cross country in high school or college?

I ran track and XC in both high school and college in Connecticut, then I ran with multiple clubs post college — Stamford Running Club, Hartford Track Club, Silk City Striders.

What are your favorite races?Gene Fergione

The 80-mile Cape Cod Relay in Massachusetts and the Manchester, Conn. Road Race on Thanksgiving morning. The Manchester Road Race is 4.7-mile race and gets 12,000 runners, including some of the world’s best. It has been going on for 79 years and has 30,000 people who line the course cheering.

My most challenging course was 7.6 miles along Mount Washington, New Hampshire. It was all uphill, and a 12-22% grade with no rest points. The climb is 4650 feet start to finish. I ran it in June, so it was warm at the base/start BUT I needed to bring extra layers/gloves/hats to put ON as the race continued toward the dropping temperatures, cold wind and sometimes snow at the finish/peak!

What are among your top running accomplishments?

I was All Conference/All State in high school. I did a running streak of 6,109 consecutive days at one point (16 years, 262 days). My 5K PR is 15:49 and 10K PR is 32:39. But those PRs were a few age groups ago! I ran 22:58 in Jan. 2015 at the Anna Maria Island Dolphin Dash 5K (fortunate enough to win my age group).

Why do you like to run?

I have been running for 49 years and the passion is still as strong as ever! I have experienced shifts in my reasons for running over the years, matching them up with changing priorities at the time. Early on, the priority was always for school spirit and school recognition; it moved to a much more competitive focus on team-winning during collegiate years; post-college with running clubs brought about a pleasant combination of group fun runs along with age-group competitions. I enjoy the valuable carry-over lessons running has taught me over the years on goal setting, work ethic, and winning and losing, as well as providing direction with many decisions — many made by the time a run was completed. Currently, my running priority is for overall fitness and its associated health benefits (although I still get the urge and jump into a race once in a while). Plus, hey, I’m Italian and I love our cuisine. So maybe that’s really been it — I run so that I can always enjoy as much pasta as possible!

Why are you involved with BRC?

I joined BRC in 2013 while still living in Connecticut but transitioning to Florida.  I was Chairman for the BRC Scholarship Committee in 2014 and joined the BRC Board in 2015. I volunteer at multiple BRC races each year and help out with ideas for the annual club awards banquet, such as creating the Purple Heart award now given at the banquet. I really enjoy the opportunity to “give a little back” to the sport and running community.

What was your career?

I worked 36 years in health care management at hospitals in both the public and private sector and am retired now. I have been married for for 36 years and have a 31-year-old daughter in Connecticut and a 27-year-old son in Boston.