Volunteer with Bradenton Runners Club

Without volunteers, the Bradenton Runners Club could not exist. Volunteers are not only the backbone, but also the heaBRC 2016 Turkey Trot Race Crewrt and soul of our club. Volunteers are there at every step; performing multiple tasks connected to both sponsored races and selective high school/middle school/elementary school meets, serving on working committees, bringing energy to club activities and supplying the support needed on special events throughout the year.

It is amazing to see how individual efforts across a diverse array of activities come together to champion a common goal. The end result consistently benefits BRC members, event participants, spectators and the community at large. The boost in our club visibility within the community is extraordinary through volunteers’ efforts.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Sat., December 31, 2016 — Manatee River 5 Mile RunBRC volunteers

Course Crew
Pre-race Events
Participant Services

Contact events@bradentonrunnersclub.com with any questions about volunteering.

There is no greater gift than that of one’s time. The BRC Board of Directors wants to underscore just how much we recognize, value, and hold volunteers’ contributions as one of the solidifying cornerstones of our club operations. Thank you, again, volunteers, for all you do. You are greatly appreciated!


Ted Barnette Gene Fergione Bill Ouchark Lindsay Tanner
Robyn Bell Dan Fernandes Walter Pascal Joe Tanner
Janice Bramwell Janet Gallagher Melanie Perrone Martha Threlkeld
Jesse Brisson Charlie Grotevant Corey Peyerk Lisa Thurlow
Dianna Campbell Edith Haas Ron Plank Betsy Tracy
David Cassidy Karl Haas Rosa Plank Russ Tuttle
Nancy Carson Coby Hobar Dave Pate Marie Van Duzee
Joyce Choate
Sonny Hogue
Mary Quinn Steve Van Duzee
Janet Connor Holly Hollinsworth Caleb Sanderson Michelle Veilleux
Allison Cosgrove John Izzo Kim Scalzetti Rodney Veilleux
Jeff Cosgrove Mike Kendrick Tom Schultz Christine Watson
Becky Cosgrove Steve Kriegshaber Joe Siever Ted Watson
Debbie Coyner Kaylie Lennox Casey Sloan Tristan Watson
Gray Coyner Lee Lewis Melissa Sloan Nancy Wentink
Kristin Coyner Laura Licoski Brad Smith
Jeanne Crews Deborah Lowery Larry Smith
Margi Dawson Deb Maloney Debbie Stachura
Cindy Dawson Justin Miesner Henry Stachura
Rae Ann Darling Reed Keith Monohan Christine Stahl
Carmen Denham Glenn Muirhead Elfi Starrett
Mike Denham Tom Orehowsky Sam Starrett
Lloyd English Celia Strawn