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Sponsor Recognition: Beach House Restaurant and Snyder’s-Lance

Bradenton Runners Club salutes and thanks our decade-plus sponsors:  Snyder’s-Lance and Beach House Restaurant

by Janet Gallagher, BRC Board of Directors

Beach House logo waterfrontBeach House Restaurant

About thirteen years ago, a runner would pass our home three to five times a week, sometimes alone, sometimes pushing his baby boy in his jogging stroller. Eventually, my quizzical  husband engaged him in conversation and  invited him to attend some of the BRC races.  He did, and his love of running resulted in a major restaurant supporting three of the club’s yearly races.  That man was Steve Aniecz, then manager of the Beach House Restaurant. Year after year, the Beach House faithfully provides a medley of fruits and cheeses for hospitality tables at the De Soto 5K and the Manatee River Run.

My husband suggested I contact the Beach House for our Annual Awards Banquet since they had been such faithful club sponsors. When I became the hospitality chair shortly after his death, Shawn Rhoton, catering manager, was one of my first contacts. Our meal in 2012 surpassed everyone’s wildest imagination. We were feted with mouth-watering food that tantalized our taste buds and was served in copious amounts with choices that would satisfy the most discerning pallets. No longer would we be subjected to rubber chicken, instant mashed potatoes and paste-like gravy while being charged a much higher price. The Beach House provided a wonderful, affordable dinner with the ambiance of gentle surf for runners to laugh, chat and share the highs and lows of their most recent races or injuries. The Bradenton Runners Club is treated like royalty, and every need is attended to, so our partnership with the Beach House carries on.

BRC Beachouse award

The Beach House received an Over-A-Decade of Support Award from the Bradenton Runners Club at the club’s annual awards banquet in 2014.


At the 2014 banquet, members were asked to stand up according to the number of years they had been members of the club. When we got logoSLNEWto the one decade mark, I could hear myself gasp, “Oh no, how could I not remember?” I was staring at a man who has been a quiet, behind-the-scenes club sponsor longer than my club entry in 2003. Because of bone spurs and other foot challenges since 2011, many of our current BRC members may not recognize the boyish good looks of the guy with blondish-white hair and mustache who used to be a regular at Tuesday runs and gatherings at O’Brick’s afterwards.

Tom Richardson has been supporting Bradenton Runners Club races and other not-for-profits in a very humble, unassuming way for over a decade and a half. Even though he can fill a room with his laughter and AHA! moments, the inner guy is generous in ways that are beyond words. The Bradenton Runners Club has loved him for his generosity with pretzels, crackers, cookies and chips in his job as national sales manager for Snyder’s-Lance. Our race participants need to know the man behind the snacks they inhale after each of our races.

BRC Richardson award

Snyder’s-Lance’s National Sales Manager Tom Richardson received an Over-A-Decade of Support Award from the Bradenton Runners Club at the club’s annual awards banquet in 2014.